About Express Funding Group

Small Business Financing Solutions

Express Funding Group has been securing financing for business owners in all 50 states and Canada for many years. Through our years of experience and network of lenders we have found ways to provide quick cash to allow business owners to take advantage of immediate opportunities and grow their companies. In this age of fast growth, it is critical to be able to move quickly or your competition will pass you up. Your business requires money to grow. Express Funding Group is here to help.

We can get you the financing you need for growth in as little as 7 business days. We make it simple to apply and provide almost immediate approval. This way you get the capital you need quickly. You don't have to let the lack of capital hinder you in your progress. Just think about how much you could benefit if you were able to have an influx of capital in a short period of time, without the hassle of producing tax returns, Profit & Loss statements, and other financial information, as well as long waiting periods for approval.

Just think of all the revenue you could gain by having the capital NOW!

  • An upscale shoe store that is expanding and needs to purchase additional inventory and expand their retail store.
  • A restaurant that is becoming popular wants to open up a second location.
  • A computer company is expanding and needs more storage area for inventory and needs a warehouse.
  • A boutique needs extra money to redesign her store to attract more customers.
  • A Doctor needs to purchase or lease medical equipment
  • A business owner needs to buyout a partner
  • A restaurant owner who owns his equipment outright needs to do a leaseback in order to expand.

These are just a few of the happy business owners we have been able to help.